Eradication of Leprosy Should Be Prioritised - Nigeria Medical Association

Hansen’s disease (commonly known as leprosy) is an infection caused by Mycobacterium leprae, a slow-growing pathogen. It can harm the nerves, skin, eyes, and nose lining (nasal mucosa). The condition can be cured with early detection and treatment. The Nigeria Medical Association has asked the Nigerian government to prioritise the eradication of leprosy, one of humanity’s…
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How Vaccines Work And Why We Need Them

Since vaccines came into existence, some people have thought that they treat or cure diseases. However, that is not their function. The production of vaccines prevents diseases; the vaccine design is not to treat illness when you have caught it. Germs (or microbes) are everywhere and are all around us in our bodies and our environment. Being vulnerable to these microbes can result in disease and…
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