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Effects of Food Additives and Preservatives

We are constantly overwhelmed with information about foods that are good for us, all-natural, free of artificial additives or preservatives, low in fat or cholesterol, sugar-free, vitamin-fortified, and 100% of the vitamins you need each day. Are these meals as healthy as their marketing would have us believe? Let’s examine the data. Our diet contains more than 3000 distinct substances.
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8 Tips On How To Maintain A Healthy Weight

If you struggle to maintain your desired weight, you’re not alone. Several people see themselves as either overweight or too thin, which is why eating healthy and at the same time maintaining a healthy weight is very important. Starving to maintain your weight will not only weaken your immune system but will also make it prone to sickness and as well as disease. This is because many…
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Seven Foods People With Kidney Disease Should Avoid

Kidneys are the bean-shaped organs in the human body that performs various essential functions. They filter your blood and remove waste from your body through urination. They also produce hormones, balance minerals, and strengthen fluid balance. Everyone is frequently advised to eat a healthy diet. But if your kidney health is so bad, eating a healthy diet means making the right choice about what…
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Eliminate These Processed Foods From Your Diet To Save Your Heart

There is no denying that processed foods are convenient and easy to prepare. If you need a quick fix during the day or at night, a pack of cereal, processed meat, or a can of a sardine can help you get something into your belly quickly. Processed foods are also cheap and have a long shelf-life, making them easy to store and incorporate into your diet. But it is essential to be careful because…
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This For That: Change Up Your Shopping List And Go Healthy

Going grocery shopping soon? What is on your list?Your grocery list pretty much determines your diet and your health to a large extent. This is why you should put a lot of thought into making a healthy grocery list. Living healthy encompasses a lot of discipline and thoughtful planning. It also involves switching out your regular unhealthy options for more health-friendly ones. Reconsider…
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