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Obesity In Children: What Parents Should Know

Obesity is the most common dietary issue affecting teenagers and children. In America, 16–18% of children and teenagers are overweight and 21-24% are obese. Now, this brings us to the question, what is Obesity in children? In this article, we will be discussing the definition, causes, prevention, and diagnosis of obesity in Children. What is Obesity In Children? Obesity in Children is a…
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Health Conditions Caused by Obesity

Obesity is a growing epidemic in many countries around the world. It is defined as having an unhealthy amount of body fat, usually measured by calculating the person’s Body Mass Index (BMI). An individual is considered obese if their BMI rating is 30 or higher. Obesity can have several negative health effects and even increase the risk of certain health conditions in individuals. This…
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Challenges In The Management Of Obesity

Obesity is becoming more prominent on a global scale. Obesity is a continuous, recurrent, persistent condition accompanied by severe complications and health consequences. Additionally, it’s been linked to a higher incidence of death from most malignancies and heart disorders. The first step in managing obesity successfully is to recognize and comprehend the challenges that prevent…
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How Obesity Affects Sexual Performance

Obesity has become a significant health concern worldwide because of its health implications. Obesity alters the metabolism of sex hormones, which can result in low sexual drive. Therefore weight plays a significant role in sexual dysfunction in men. Obesity damages blood vessels, lower testosterone and cause a state of systemic inflammation in the body, all of which can lead to E.D. Different…
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