Community Support and Solidarity During Fuel Scarcity

Fuel enthusiasts! It’s your friendly Go-to health blog here, ready to spin you a tale about a topic that’s been burning hotter than a jalapeno-infused engine. That’s right, in this article, you will dive into the wonderful world of fuel scarcity, But hold on tight because this story isn’t about gloom and doom, it’s about the incredible power of community support and…
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5 Ways People Contract STIs Without Having Sex

Think you know everything there is to know about avoiding STIs? Well, think again! STIs aren’t only caught through unprotected sex, so you may have to be a little more vigilant … The Infamous Barber Shop: Gents, we all know the satisfaction of that fresh haircut that perfect lines up our head. But did you know the razors, clippers, or scissors used there could be carriers for STIs?
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