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Bile Reflux

Table of ContentsOverviewKey FactsSymptomsDiagnosisCausesPreventionTypical TreatmentsConclusion Overview Although the digestive fluid bile is produced in the liver, it can flow backwards into the stomach and, in some cases, into the oesophagus. Bile reflux may also occur when stomach acid (gastric acid) refluxes into the oesophagus. The latter can lead to gastroesophageal…
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The Connection Between Hernia And Acid Reflux

A hernia is a universal name for a tissue or an organ pushing through an opening in the supporting organ around it. The organ and the area where a push-through occurs will determine the type of hernia it will be. Hiatal hernias occur at the upper portion of the stomach, pushing up through the diaphragm. It is one of the causes of gastric or acid reflux. When the push-through organ is in the…
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