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Can Breastfeeding Impact Your Sex Life?

After delivery, some doctors recommend that you wait for a few weeks before engaging in sex again. This is because it provides time for your body to heal as your body is undergoing a lot of changes due to breastfeeding and other duties that come with taking care of your baby. While breastfeeding your baby, your body tends to produce a low amount of estrogen which is a key hormone for sexual…
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5 Breastfeeding Diet Myths Debunked

Worrying about what you can or cannot eat can strain your body as a breastfeeding mother. The added worry that comes with unsolicited advice often worsens it. People always have something to say about what you should do as a new mom, most of which often turn out to be false. Many myths may be mistaken for facts regarding your food and how it may or may not influence your baby through…
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Myths And Facts About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding has been the subject of numerous stories over the years, some of which are real and others that are not. When new mothers hear such tales, it scares them, and they start to doubt if nursing is best for them and the child. Listening to such stories should not be a priority rather it is important to note that every mom has a unique experience with breastfeeding because no two people…
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