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5 Breastfeeding Diet Myths Debunked

5 Breastfeeding Diet Myths Debunked

Worrying about what you can or cannot eat can strain your body as a breastfeeding mother. The added worry that comes with unsolicited advice often worsens it. People always have something to say about what you should do as a new mom, most of which often turn out to be false. 

Many myths may be mistaken for facts regarding your food and how it may or may not influence your baby through breastfeeding. Except in rare cases of malnutrition or severe food allergies, you can continue to consume the foods you have always eaten with confidence that your milk supply and baby will be well. That’s why we have put together a few common breastfeeding myths and the truths about them you need to know.

Breastfeeding diet myths

Here are five breastfeeding diet myths to discard;

Myth – Breastfeeding moms should not take coffee

Fact –  There is no harm in taking coffee while breastfeeding, one or two cups of coffee each day is sufficient for breastfeeding women and their healthy babies. However, it is advisable to monitor your caffeine intake and not exceed 750mg per day because it can cause your baby to be wakeful.

Myth – Breastfeeding moms should never take alcohol.

Fact –  There is no reason to skip a glass of wine or a bottle of beer when you are out with friends. A drink or two each week is unlikely to harm your baby. On the other side, drinking alcohol daily is not a brilliant idea because it might modify the flavour of your milk, shorten your breastfeeding sessions, reduce your milk production, and limit your baby’s weight gain. To reduce the effects of alcohol on your infant, breastfeed before drinking alcohol whenever possible, and wait a couple of hours before breastfeeding again.

Myth –  Breastfeeding moms should skip certain foods so their baby does not get gassy.

Fact – When a breastfed baby fusses for no apparent reason, it is commonly linked to gas created by something the mother ate. However, in most circumstances, this is not the case. For most people, what you eat will not harm your kid. However, the flavour of your breast milk changes based on what you consume. Breast milk flavours expose your infant to the foods that your family consumes. Your infant may be hesitant to taste various flavoured breast milk, especially if it is garlicky or spicy, but the flavour won’t harm them.

Myth – Baby formula is the same as breast milk

Fact – This is untrue. Baby formula is nothing like breast milk. Breast milk is the best food for your baby since it coats and closes the usual openings in the lining of the baby’s intestines, preparing the belly for food. Breast milk can be easily digestible by your infant. Babies that drink breast milk have less spitting up and gas. Breast milk also supplies your infant with their “first vaccines,” which help keep them healthy.

Myth – Breastfeeding moms need to drink milk to make milk

Fact – New moms are bound to hear this, but so you know, there is no such thing as drinking milk to produce milk. You do not have to take milk to make milk; it is absurd. However, if you want to increase the supply of milk, then it is advisable to breastfeed frequently.

There is nothing to stop eating while breastfeeding, and no need to go on a breastfeeding diet. Eat what you can but keep it healthy; most babies function well with their moms’ food. But make sure you show moderation in what you eat, and if you have specific questions, then make sure you seek out the help of a doctor.

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