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Different Types of Contraceptive Options To Consider

If you are sexually active, you might be considering contraceptive options to protect yourself from unplanned pregnancies. Contraception aims to prevent pregnancy; it tries to stop pregnancy by stopping egg production, keeping the sperm and egg apart, or stopping the combination of egg and sperm (fertilisation of egg) from attachment to the lining of the womb. Women, men, or couples at any given…
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Myths About Modern Family Planning You Should Discard

In many parts of Africa and Nigeria, you are told from an early age to stay away from sex, but not many times are people educated on how to avoid pregnancies if they are not ready. Family planning is almost like a sacred topic. Family planning is simply deciding the number or spacing of children through different contraceptive methods, including natural planning, abstinence, hormonal birth…
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What You Need To Know Before Getting An IUD

Getting pregnant can be scary, especially when you don’t plan for it. I’m sure many women are trying to find the right protective measure. One measure to take to avoid an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy is the use of an IUD. IUD is one contraceptive that can be used to prevent pregnancy, and there are essential factors to note before getting one. IUDs or intrauterine devices are one of the…
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