Watermelon During Pregnancy: Benefits and Downsides

Fruits high in water content, like watermelon, are said to have many advantages for pregnant mothers. These include healthier skin, a reduction in morning sickness, and a decreased chance of pregnancy problems, among others. But only a small portion of these advantages are backed by research. This piece will explore the benefits and risks watermelon poses to pregnant women. Benefits of…
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Nigerian Foods That Help Your Child Gain Weight

As a parent, it is worrisome to see your child not gain weight like they are supposed to. Children gaining weight is natural, but your paediatrician may recommend you add more fat-filled and nutritious foods to your baby’s everyday diet. You may wonder what kind of food would speedily make your child gain weight. This piece will suggest different types of easily affordable and accessible…
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5 Foods that Increase Libido

From keeping your day going to enriching the body with nutrients needed for a healthy life, there is a lot that food does for the body. However, do you know that there are foods that can increase your sex drive? Some foods can increase libido, boost your stamina and improve blood circulation. This is essential because inadequate blood flow to the sex organs can reduce arousal and sex drive. …
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