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Relationships and Health: Here Are 5 Ways They Impact Each Other

Relationships have the power to make our hearts flutter, our smiles widen, and our lives richer. But did you know that relationships and health have a fascinating interplay? Yes, dear readers, the connections between the heart and health go far beyond just the metaphorical. Let’s dive into the delightful dance of how relationships and health impact each other in five captivating ways. 1.
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How going to the Gym can save you from Depression

Are you feeling overwhelmed and down in spirit lately? Do you often feel like there’s no hope for a better tomorrow and that life has run its course? If so, then it may be time to consider joining a gym or start working out regularly. Not only is exercising great for improving your physical health, but it can also help reduce symptoms of depression by providing tangible benefits both…
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Dry Eyes And Blurry Vision; Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Dry eye and blurry vision are two uncomfortable conditions that inflict discomfort on the eyes. If you are suffering from dry eye syndrome, you are not alone. Reports have shown that over 5 million have been inflicted with a chronic dry conditions in the United States alone. Blurred vision refers to a lack of sharpness resulting in the inability to see fine detail. And it can just be a sign of…
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6 Healthy Living Resolutions You Should Make

New year goals are a norm because many people do not remain as they were in the past year, which is great. However, you can still make resolutions at any time of the year. Making resolutions will help you get better in all aspects of life. From levelling up in your studies to meeting family and relationship goals, you can make resolutions that can change your life anytime, even in the middle of…
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Managing your Blood Sugar Level for a Healthy Life

“Sweets are bad for you, never buy or have them.” “Do not take sugar.” “Taking a bowl of ice cream can make you sick.” “Drink this herbal mixture to kill the sugar in your body.” If you grew up in a typical African home, chances are you heard these tales about how bad sugar is almost every day. But how true are these words? Well, not 100 per cent. This is…
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