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Do Slimming Teas Really Work?

It has become increasingly common for people to be concerned about how they look. It is only normal for people to be concerned about how they look, especially in the weight aspect of their body. Body weight goes beyond the physical look. Many people feel unhealthy when they start to add weight. For this reason, people try different measures to help them lose weight or maintain their current…
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How To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal And Stay Fit

Are you breaking a sweat every morning doing workouts without noticing tangible results? Are you fed up with reducing your food portions but constantly ending up with the same numbers on the scale? You just might be doing something wrong in your weight loss journey. Maintaining a healthy weight is key to reducing your risk of having numerous health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and heart…
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Ovulation Pain: When Cramps Occur In The Middle of Your Cycle

Women have already resigned themselves to experiencing menstrual cramps as part of their monthly package but ovulation cramps too? yes, there’s also that, unfortunately. If you experience abdominal pain or cramps two weeks before your period or in the middle of your cycle, it’s ovulation pain. It is also called “Mittelschmerz”, drawn from the German words “middle&#8221…
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Smoking Can Cause Brain Aneurysm Experts Say

If you need another reason to quit smoking, read through; this might do it. There’s been a debate about the deadly effects of smoking on the brain. Several health experts and practitioners have linked smoking to cerebral aneurysms, weakening the brain’s blood vessels, often leading to a rupture and death. A study showed that smoking could cause multiple aneurysms in the brain…
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Why Erectile Dysfunction Affects Young Men

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is when a man cannot achieve or maintain an erect penis enough to have sex. While ED mainly affects men between 40 and 60, it can also affect younger men. A study published in 2013 by the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that ED is more common in younger males previously known. According to the researchers, ED affects 26 per cent of adult males under 40. The…
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Five Autoimmune Diseases That Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss is a disturbing condition that affects 25 percent of women and 50 percent of men over 50 globally. This condition can result from different factors, not just age. Genetics, emotional trauma, hormonal changes, strict dieting, medications, lifestyle choices, and even menopause can cause your hair to fall off. Additionally, one of the leading causes of hair loss is autoimmune diseases. In…
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Seven Exercises To Deal With Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a leading sexual health problem in men. Studies have said that 1 in 3 men will experience premature ejaculation in their lifetime. So gentlemen, if you feel frustrated and embarrassed from experiencing this condition, you’re not alone; millions of men are in the same shoes. Premature is mainly linked to psychological causes, like anxiety, depression, or…
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How Sleep Disorders Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

If you are struggling with getting erections and finding it difficult to sleep, the two conditions may be directly linked. From years of research, sleep disorders have been found to impact oxygen and testosterone levels in men, causing erectile dysfunction. One of the most common sleep disorders is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It is a potentially serious condition that can reduce the quality of…
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Symptoms Women Find Too Embarrassing To Share With Their Doctors

Ever been to a doctor to get some advice or even get treated and get embarrassed just describing your symptoms? Many women have had one of those days. You know those questions they ask that make you want to sink into the ground? It’s okay sis. Almost everyone has been there. Talking about personal issues, especially those relating to health, can be a bit…embarrassing. It is no surprise if…
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Is Your Hair Falling Off? Not Eating Right Might Be The Cause

You are running a comb through your hair, and you notice chunks of it falling off, or the hair on your scalp has begun to thin so severely it’s causing you to worry; you’re most likely experiencing hair loss. Several things could be the cause, including food or, should we say, lack of good ones. One of the significant causes of hair loss or hair fall is genetic factors. Androgenic…
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