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Why Is Your Baby’s Hair Falling Off?

Some babies are born with full heads of hair. Others have a smattering of strands, and many others have only peach fuzz. However full or sparse your newborn’s hair is, you might notice it falling out or getting thinner in the weeks after you bring them home. This shedding may come as a surprise. But the good news is: there’s no reason to worry. Here’s the thing: Infant hair…
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The Difference Between Ringworm And Eczema

There’s a possibility that you’ve heard of ringworm. But you may not know that it has nothing to do with worms. As the name implies, it describes the round shape that the ringworm rash often takes; that’s where the “ring” comes into place. Another common rash that many people can have is eczema. Since it can also be round, it is often mistaken for ringworm. Both conditions can have itchy…
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