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How A Weak Erection Can Negatively Impact Your Relationship

When it comes to weak erection, it can happen to men of any age and it is usually embarrassing. A weak erection occurs when a man is unable to sustain an erection which is good enough for penetration or orgasm, explains a doctor specialised in sexual function in Doctall. Some people can masturbate with a relatively soft penis and still achieve orgasm, but it may not be enough for…
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4 Surprising Facts About Weak Erections Men Need to Know

No man wants to have a weak erection or erectile dysfunction. However, many guys already suffer from erection problems. Poor erection, like early ejaculation, can ruin a man’s sex life as well as his mental and psychological health. Men who experience erection problems will not be able to engage in penetrative sex because their penis will continue to be weak and ineffective for thrusting.
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