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Myth or Fact: Eating Late Will Make You Gain Weight

There is much conflicting health advice out there, and the time to eat is one of them. You probably must have heard times without a number that you shouldn’t eat after 8 p:m. But does the time you eat actually determine how much weight you gain? To be candid with you, whether you eat at 8 a:m. or 8 p:m. (or even 11 p.m.), since it is the same food you’re ingesting, it will have the…
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Nigerian Foods That Help Your Child Gain Weight

As a parent, it is worrisome to see your child not gain weight like they are supposed to. Children gaining weight is natural, but your paediatrician may recommend you add more fat-filled and nutritious foods to your baby’s everyday diet. You may wonder what kind of food would speedily make your child gain weight. This piece will suggest different types of easily affordable and accessible…
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Managing Weight Gain During Pregnancy

One of the many concerns women have during pregnancy is weight gain. Thoughts like “oh I’m getting too fat, will I be able to push when the time comes?” clouds their minds. As valid as these concerns may seem, it is essential to remember that weight gain during pregnancy is normal. Whatever the case, a pregnant woman should avoid dieting or attempting to reduce weight during her…
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