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Nasal Polyps

Table of ContentsOverviewKey FactsSymptomsDiagnosisCausesPreventionTypical TreatmentsConclusion Overview Nasal polyps are soft growths formed from the mucous membranes lining the nasal passages and paranasal sinuses (air-filled spaces connected to the nasal cavity). They are noncancerous and lack nerve sensation (painless). The nasal mucosa (mucous membrane of the nose) is a…
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5 Signs You Are Having An Allergic Reaction

An allergic reaction happens when you are exposed to allergens, causing your immune system to generate a hypersensitive reaction towards the substances. Substances like dust, food, animal fur, and pollen are allergens that can trigger allergic reactions upon contact by inhaling, touching, or swallowing the allergen. You can also have allergic reactions to bug bites. There are a wide variety…
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