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5 Signs You Are Having An Allergic Reaction

5 Signs You Are Having An Allergic Reaction

An allergic reaction happens when you are exposed to allergens, causing your immune system to generate a hypersensitive reaction towards the substances. Substances like dust, food, animal fur, and pollen are allergens that can trigger allergic reactions upon contact by inhaling, touching, or swallowing the allergen. You can also have allergic reactions to bug bites.

There are a wide variety of things that can cause allergic reactions. It can be hard sometimes to determine whether or not you have an allergic reaction to something. Nevertheless, whether you suspect you could be reacting to a substance or already know what allergens affect you, knowing the signs of an allergic reaction can help you. In some cases, discerning the signs of early allergic responses can be lifesaving.

You can be exposed to allergens anywhere you find yourself. This is because many allergens surround us in our daily lives that can potentially activate an allergic reaction. Many allergens cause the human body to respond differently, generating painful, annoying, and sometimes life-threatening reactions or symptoms.

Many allergies, from spiffy red tattoo ink to sweet red strawberries, produce some of the same signs. Various symptoms of allergic reactions are also easily mistaken for other medical conditions. These signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction can differ in severity based on the type of allergic reaction and how allergic to an allergen your body is.

Signs of allergic reactions

Knowing when your body is allergic to something you’ve consumed or touched is essential. Allergic reactions can soar to life-threatening situations, and we want you to be treated and in stable condition immediately. Here are the five signs that you have an allergic reaction;

1: Sneezing:

A pollen allergy called hay fever can cause sneezing. When you have a pollen allergy and inhale pollen, your body misinterprets it as germs to release histamines. As a result, your body’s immediate reaction is to expel the external invaders it has come into contact with.

2 Sign: Watery eyes and itching

If your eyes water and itch, you may suffer from allergic reactions. Often, dust, pollen, and pet dander get into people’s eyes and irritate them.

3 Sign: Rashes

Rashes emerge as red, angry-looking patches on a person’s skin. Sometimes, raised bumps can appear with rashes. A mild inflammation on the skin may diminish quickly with treatment or by avoiding triggers. But it might be an early sign of anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction.

4 Sign: Congestion

When your nasal passageway produces thick mucus or phlegm in large quantities, it is said to be congested. This is another effort to trap substances and germs that could undesirably affect your health.

5 Sign: Coughing

Another sign that you may have some allergies is coughing. Like sneezing, coughing is how your body expels out foreign things that can make you fall sick.


The symptoms listed above are all signs of an allergic reaction. Severe allergic symptoms like swelling, vomiting, cramping, trouble breathing, heart palpitations, and dizziness can lead to anaphylaxis -inability to breathe- and a drop in blood pressure, leading to death.

This situation requires the attention of medical personnel. Therefore, speak to a doctor if you experience severe allergic reactions.

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