How going to the Gym can save you from Depression

Are you feeling overwhelmed and down in spirit lately? Do you often feel like there’s no hope for a better tomorrow and that life has run its course? If so, then it may be time to consider joining a gym or start working out regularly. Not only is exercising great for improving your physical health, but it can also help reduce symptoms of depression by providing tangible benefits both…
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Why You Should Record Your Gym Sessions

Taking time out to record your gym sessions may not be top on your mind when you get to the gym as most people just want to work through their sets and go home. You probably even judge people who incessantly make videos, hogging the mirror space while at it. However vain it might seem,recording your gym sessions is crucial to your training and gains. Surprise? Recording your gym…
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Three Basic Etiquette Gym Goers Must Observe

Whether you go to the gym often or are just about to try it in your neighbourhood, you should know a few things. An example is knowing you should wipe down equipment when you’re done using it. Being fully aware that you’re working in a public gym and being courteous to everyone in the gym will give you the best experience. Nonetheless, this piece is for you if you need to learn the…
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