Three Basic Etiquette Gym Goers Must Observe

Three Basic Etiquette Gym Goers Must Observe

Whether you go to the gym often or are just about to try it in your neighbourhood, you should know a few things. An example is knowing you should wipe down equipment when you’re done using it.

Being fully aware that you’re working in a public gym and being courteous to everyone in the gym will give you the best experience. Nonetheless, this piece is for you if you need to learn the unspoken rule.

We know that going to the gym to take your favourite class or to work out is always a relief, and it’s a safe place where you can steam off and feel energised and refreshed. But like any other public space, the gym is for anybody, and some regulations exist.

Some etiquette should be upheld or maintained when in any area of the gym to make everyone have a pleasurable gym experience. Adjusting to protocols will help keep your workout space clean and organised. It will also create a respectful environment for you and your fellow gym members.

We have listed three basic etiquettes a gym goer should follow during their workout to avoid side-eye stares.

Gym basic rules for goers

Some of the gym etiquettes that any gym goers should follow are below;

     1. Avoid making calls

It can be disruptive to others when you use your phone for anything other than music at the gym, which is why you shouldn’t make any calls in the area. Instead, keep your phones away in the locker room if you can. But if you’d like to make or take a call, use headphones and excuse yourself from the room.

     2. Be patient

Before jumping up on a piece of gym equipment (e.g. weight lifting, treadmill, etc.), make sure the equipment is free before you take charge. You can ask to work with the person using it if you cannot wait a little longer for them to finish. But if the other gym goer rejects your request, just be patient and give them space until they are ready to hand the machine off to you.

Now the equipment is handed over to you. You left it to grab a drink a few minutes into your use, which took longer to accomplish. Like you, every other person working out is on a tight schedule. Sitting on a machine, you’re not using and then scrolling through social media or taking the perfect selfie is impolite to the people waiting on you.


Putting on the wrong clothing to the gym can literally hurt you. It can negatively affect your workout as well. It would be best if you took note of the following;

Wearing 100% cotton clothes can absorb all of your sweat, which may lead to bacterial growth. Instead, try sweat-deflecting fabrics like polyester and spandex

— Ill-fitting clothes, like too-tight gear, can cause leg cramps, irritation (scratching), or even breathing problems. Baggy clothes, on the other hand, can disturb you while weight lifting or running. Therefore, go for the clothes that’ll make you fit and flatter you.

In addition to what was listed above, worn-out sneakers should be avoided. This is because as your sneakers get older and lose tread, they render less shock absorption and can affect the alignment of your hips, feet, and knees. If you have worn-off tennis shoes, it is time for a replacement.

Once you’ve found the best exercise outfits, ensure you wear fresh clothes whenever you’re working out. We know you’d like to avoid wet, sweat-filled clothes to spring up bacteria in your gym bag.

If you’d like to speak with a healthcare specialist about your exercise routine challenges, book an appointment HERE.

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