Incredible Health Benefits Of Locust Beans

Locust bean, commonly known as ‘Iru’ by Yorubas, ‘Ogiri’ by Igbos, and ‘Dawa Dawa’ by Hausas, is a local seasoning used in soups and stews. It contains a good amount of essential nutrients such as potassium, ascorbic acid, lip, protein, carbohydrates, phosphorus, etc. Despite their unpleasant smell, locust bean is an incredible ingredient not only because they…
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5 Health Benefits of Coconut Water You Should Know

You might not have known this, but man’s use of various parts of a coconut tree as a health booster has been around for centuries. Its usefulness to man as a cheap means of sustaining his life had long earned it the name —’The Tree of Life.’ The benefits of coconut water and the entire food cannot be overstated. This is because every single part —from the root to the bark…
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Orgasms And Their Health Benefits

Everyone who has had them knows that orgasms are pleasurable. Beyond pleasure, do you know that it has immense benefits for your health as well? You are about to find just how much having good orgasms can do for your well-being. Health Benefits of Orgasms Here are nine amazing and interesting benefits orgasms have to offer Orgasms are great for your heart Having orgasms will help decrease your…
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