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Why More Women Should Opt For Epidurals

Before the advent of modern medicine, midwives were summoned to attend to all births, and doctors were rarely present to help in childbirth. Despite the effort of the midwives, childbirth was a huge risk for both mother and baby to the extent that women often made wills before going into labour. In recent times, birthing methods have changed with the invention of innovative reproductive…
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Tips To Help New Moms Deal With Postpartum Depression

Introduction. One of the happiest moments in a woman’s life is meant to be when she brings her child into the world, but for many, the experience isn’t always so. Most new mothers experience the baby blues, a hormonal change-induced period of anxiety, sobbing, and restlessness that passes within the first two weeks following childbirth. The baby blues, often known as postpartum blues…
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10 Exercises To Avoid During Pregnancy

Most of the time, pregnancy can be challenging with regular feelings of various discomforts and back pain. Exercising during pregnancy is a way of beating down these discomforts. It helps the woman to stay healthy, improves her posture, and reduces some discomforts that come with being pregnant. However, some exercises are considered harmful if performed during pregnancy; hence, they should be…
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Hidden Truths About Postpartum Depression

The meaning of postpartum is the time after childbirth. Postpartum depression (also known as “baby blues”) is the feeling of emptiness or sadness within a few days of delivery. Your mind and body go through lots of changes during and after pregnancy. If you feel emotionless, sad, or empty most, or all of the time for a prolonged period (probably more than 2 weeks) during or after…
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