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10 Exercises To Avoid During Pregnancy

10 Exercises To Avoid During Pregnancy

Most of the time, pregnancy can be challenging with regular feelings of various discomforts and back pain. Exercising during pregnancy is a way of beating down these discomforts. It helps the woman to stay healthy, improves her posture, and reduces some discomforts that come with being pregnant.

However, some exercises are considered harmful if performed during pregnancy; hence, they should be avoided. They include exercises that require extensive jumping, hopping, skipping, bouncing, etc.

Below are ten (10) exercises to avoid during pregnancy

Contact sports

These are sports that require physical contact between players. During pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid contact sports. Contact sports include horse riding, football, basketball, and volleyball.
Stair climbing: This involves climbing stairs, sometimes recommended during pregnancy. However, there is a risk of falling, tripping, and over-exerting yourself, which can cause the heart rate to increase to a very high level. Therefore, it should be reduced.

Hot yoga

This can lead to overheating of the body, which is not good during pregnancy. Pregnant women should avoid such hot conditions. Exposing the offspring to high temperatures can lead to congenital disabilities and premature labour. It can also cause dehydration.

Weight lifting

Lifting weights is an exercise that should be avoided during pregnancy because it leads to musculoskeletal stress and cardiovascular issues.

Lying flat on your back

As a pregnant woman, if you’re in your second or third trimester, avoid the exercises that come with lying on your back. This position can result in supine hypotension syndrome, associated with symptoms like low blood pressure and dizziness.

Breath-holding exercises

Any breathing exercise that requires a pregnant woman to hold her breath for a very long time should be avoided because it stresses the body and the foetus.
Sit-ups: During pregnancy, sit-ups should be avoided. This is because it puts a lot of pressure on the abdomen, which is considered unsafe.

Running, Cycling, or Jogging

Running long distances, cycling, and jogging should also be avoided. They can lead to overexertion and increased body temperature. It can also cause dehydration as well as strain the muscles.

Exercises while lying down on your stomach

Any exercise that makes you lie on your stomach as a pregnant woman, for example, planks, should be avoided because it puts pressure and pulls on your abdomen, which might harm the baby.
Standing in a place for a long time: It is not advisable to stand in a spot for a long time. Standing still is an exercise that should be avoided when pregnant as it strains the joints.

Exercising during pregnancy is encouraged for both the woman and the offspring; however, some exercises can cause more harm than good and, therefore, should be avoided. It is, therefore, advisable to consult your doctor to recommend exercises to participate in to avoid complications for the woman and her baby.

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