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Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period?

Every woman has at least asked, “can a woman get pregnant on her period?” “what are the chances of getting pregnant while on my period?” questions like this surprise most people, but it does not to others. Hence, we will break down questions and answers surrounding pregnancy during menstruation. How can you get pregnant while on your period? The chances of becoming…
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Ovulation Pain: When Cramps Occur In The Middle of Your Cycle

Women have already resigned themselves to experiencing menstrual cramps as part of their monthly package but ovulation cramps too? yes, there’s also that, unfortunately. If you experience abdominal pain or cramps two weeks before your period or in the middle of your cycle, it’s ovulation pain. It is also called “Mittelschmerz”, drawn from the German words “middle&#8221…
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Understanding Fertility and Ovulation: All the Things that Help you Get Pregnant

How are babies formed? Well, only children will believe babies are formed because “daddy gave mummy love” or “mummy overate”. Babies are formed when a fertile man and a woman have sexual intercourse. Conception can also happen when sexual intercourse occurs 3-5 days before ovulation day or precisely on the day of ovulation. Fertility(the ability to conceive a baby) and ovulation are…
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