Healthy Alternatives To Owambe Parties Amidst The Pandemic

Someone once said, “ain’t no party like a Lagos party.” No disrespect to other states, but it is a well-known fact that Lagos parties, popularly known as Owambes, are a hit. From the delicious small chops to the party Jollof, and the loud blaring music that gets you dancing, these parties come with so much fun. These days, it looks like we can only talk about Owambes in the past as the…
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Best Foods to Build Your Immune System During The Pandemic

At the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, we heard of several mixtures that some people boasted could either cure or prevent. From pungent garlic to salt and water mixture to turmeric and the good ‘Ol ginger. As ridiculous as these theories and concoctions sound, some food ingredients have their benefits in the fight against COVID-19 as they help boost your immune system, even though they…
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What To Do When A Loved One Gets Infected With Covid-19

At the start of the pandemic, Coronavirus sounded like a disease in a faraway land. However, on the 27th of February 2020 when the Government of Nigeria announced the first infection, it started to hit home more. As the numbers continued to rise, we have had to adjust our lives and boost our immunity as we battle the pandemic. It is commonplace to know someone who is currently infected with the…
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