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Seven STDs You Can Contract Through Oral Sex

Many people think that since they can’t get pregnant through oral sex, it is safer than anal and vaginal sex.Yes, discussing oral sex being safe can be explained in two ways; limiting pregnancy or preventing infections like HIV and STDs. In as much as oral sex can prevent you from getting pregnant, you’re still prone to having sexually transmitted diseases. And we believe…
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How To Lower Risk Of Spreading Hepatitis During Sex

You’ve just been diagnosed with hepatitis and think you can’t have sex anymore. You’re scared of having sex because you want to reduce the risk of spreading the disease. Yes, reducing the risk of spreading the disease during sex is a good idea, but that doesn’t mean you should stop having sex entirely. You can still have a fulfilling sex life without transferring it to…
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Common Symptoms Of STDs In Men And Women

Are you experiencing painful urination or swelling near the penis or vagina? Then you might be worried, and rightfully so because these are basic symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Men and women experience similar symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the body, even though most don’t appear with symptoms. Hence it is advisable to get checked regularly once a person is…
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Under The Sheets: Most Common STIs and How To Treat Them

Adventures under the sheets are part of nature’s gifts to be explored, but this can quickly expose you to several infections if much attention is not given to your sexual health. Sexually Transmitted Infections (S.T.I.s) are usually spread through unprotected sexual contact with an infected individual. However, it is essential to say that there are S.T.I.s that can be spread through…
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Can Nutrition Really Help with your STDs?

You must have heard of the amazing, almost magical benefits of good food to your health. Food can be a remedy for illnesses, especially those caused by nutrient deficiencies. But what can food do for illnesses caused by other factors like sexual contact? Can nutrition help make it better? Sexually transmitted infections are infections that are passed on from one person to another through sexual…
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