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How STDs Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

How STDs Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction happens when a man finds it difficult to get or sustain an erection that is strong enough to engage in sexual activity.

A common sexual health condition, erectile dysfunction, may also be the inability to become hard or stay hard. Different factors can cause it, and some include physical and psychological factors, medications, and in some cases, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (S.T.D.s).

S.T.D.s like gonorrhoea, chlamydia, H.I.V., and viral hepatitis can produce terrible infections that affect the prostate gland. This makes you understand that ignoring your sexual health can have a damaging effect on your life. This piece will examine how neglecting S.T.D.s can cause erectile dysfunction.


Gonorrhoea is a bacterial sexually transmitted disease. It is transmitted through oral, anal, or vaginal sex. Men are diagnosed with gonorrhoea when the “Neisseria gonorrhoeae” infects their urethra. Erectile dysfunction becomes an issue of discussion when the gonorrhoea carrier fails to identify and treat it quickly. Untreated gonorrhoea causes infection in the penis, decreasing fertility and inflammation of the tubes that carry sperm from the testes. Some symptoms include testicular swelling or pain, white, yellow, or green discharge from the penis, painful urination, etc. Failing to talk to your doctor about any of the above symptoms can cause erectile dysfunction.


These bacteria ascend the urethra and infect the prostate, which leads to prostatitis. Caused by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis, it can be contacted through sex. Chlamydia is a common type of sexually transmitted disease that inflames the prostate. It can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. Chlamydia shares the same symptoms as gonorrhoea. They include colourful discharge from the penis and pain or burning sensation during urination. Swollen testicles are also one.


Hepatitis C increases the risk of other forms of cancer, including prostate cancer. Research suggests that most forms of treatment for prostate cancer indirectly contribute to erectile dysfunction. For H.I.V., erectile dysfunction is possible because the virus that comes with the S.T.D. affects your immune system and exposes you to various infections. These infections can affect the tissue surrounding your penis, which in turn causes erectile dysfunction.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases(S.T.D.s) and Erectile Dysfunction are not death sentences. They can be cured or properly managed. Talk to your doctor about your fears, and let him recommend appropriate antibiotics. You can try some diagnostics tests here also.

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