7 Dangers Of Ketogenic Diets You Should Know

7 Dangers Of Ketogenic Diets You Should Know

The Keto diet is now a trend and buzz amongst people today, especially people looking to lose some fat, cut down on harmful calories, look fit and maintain a healthy life- everyone wants to be at their best! Before you progress, you should know what the keto diet is, especially if you are learning about it for the first time.

The Keto diet Is a type of diet low in carbs but high in fat and proteins. 

Even though keto diets aim to improve the health and well-being of people, sadly enough, it imposes danger in the long run. 

Below are 7 dangers that could arise from the ever-buzzing keto diet. 

1. Keto diet causes keto flu.

During the Adventure of the keto diet, carbs intake becomes low, which could cause a shocking effect on the body leading to flu. This flu may present symptoms like headache, dizziness, fatigue, and constipation. Keto flu usually lasts for a week or so as you get accustomed to it but during this period you can stay hydrated and consume food rich in sodium, potassium, and electrolyte to manage it.

2. Keto could decrease your blood sugar

The Keto diet is often prescribed by dieticians for diabetes type 2  patients as it helps them to manage their blood sugar levels. For diabetes type 1, it is a different story as too much consumption of a low-carb keto diet may reduce blood sugar levels drastically (hypoglycemia) due to low carbs. Sometimes, type 2 diabetes patients are not left out of this. If you are affected by hypoglycemia as a result of keto, kindly seek the help of your doctor.

3. Keto may stress your kidney

A Keto diet based on animal foods, such as eggs, cheese, and meats may cause kidney stones in the long run as a result of too much consumption. Why is that so? High intake of animal-based keto causes your blood and urine to be more acidic, leading to increased calcium excretion and reduced citrate excretion, which can cause kidney. Red Alert!! The Keto diet should not be for patients with kidney failure as it may cause more complications for them.

4. Keto causes Bad breath

One major outcome of the keto diet which isn’t nice is that it causes bad breath (fruity smell). Acetone is a form of ketone which is a by-product of keto, not only that, it has a fruity smell. Acetone passes through your lungs and then exhales through your nose and mouth, thus causing bad breath. 

5. Keto may lead to nutrient deficiency

What do you expect from a diet wholly based on fat and protein?  The Keto diet restricts fruit and foods that are nutritionally dense with whole grains, fibre, and vitamins. Oftentimes, dieticians make it clear to their patients to always supplement keto diets with magnesium, calcium, omega fatty acid, and vitamins B, C, and E for additional nutrients.

6. May decrease bone density

The Keto diet also affects the bone as bone minerals are lost during ketosis. Calcium is a mineral that is very important for bone formation but during ketosis, these calciums are flushed out from the body as a result of urine acidity.  Meanwhile, further research is still ongoing on this subject matter.

7. May lead to early death

Nobody wants to die prematurely, not even you. As earlier said, the keto diet comprises high fat and proteins which with continual consumption leads to poor health outcomes, especially fat from animal sources. An observational study has linked animal-based keto to a high risk of heart diseases and cancer, which not treated on onset could lead to death. Meanwhile, diets based on veggies and fruits have proven to improve and preserve health.


In as much as keto is a diet programmed to make you healthy and fit, the information above are its downside. Therefore, you are admonished to always seek the advice and help of a physician and dietitians on your would-be successful journey of ketosis as there may be ways to bypass these dangers.

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