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Breast Cancer In Men: Know The Signs

Male breast cancer is cancer that develops in the tissue of men’s breasts. Even though breast cancer is most frequently associated with women, it can also affect men. Male breast cancer can come at any age in a man’s life, but it is most frequently in older men. Early detection of male breast cancer increases the likelihood of successful treatment. Surgery can help, and it is…
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When You Should Worry About Chest Pain

While it is true that not all chest pain should bother you, it is essential also to know that some chest pain could signal a heart attack. Chest pain becomes an issue of concern when it lasts longer than 5 minutes. Also, it becomes an issue when the pain radiates through your arms, upper stomach, back, neck, and jaw. See your doctor for immediate medical attention if the pain lasts longer and…
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Diabetic-specific Exercises and Diet for Proper Management

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, there is the fear that you must make a 360-degree change to every aspect of your life. But not to worry, making serious lifestyle changes can help you live better. Two areas of your life that can help manage the condition and keep you going are the food you eat and how much you engage in physical activities. Exercising and having healthy foods are…
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How to Manage Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

A thousand questions will come up after a diabetes diagnosis; “How do I get through this?” “Can I live well with diabetes?” “Is it possible to stay healthy with diabetes?” “Will I die?” As troubling as the diagnosis is, there is no need to panic. Like many medical conditions, managing type 1 and type 2 diabetes is possible. It is, however important to distinguish between both types…
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How to Manage Hypertension to Avoid a Heart Attack

Hypertension and heart attack are pretty popular health conditions. It is common to hear people say, “do you want to kill yourself with hypertension’’ or “You stress yourself a lot, don’t kill yourself with hypertension.” Well, all these are valid because both conditions can be life-threatening. Hypertension opens you to the risk of a heart attack. For this reason, it is essential to…
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