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These Sports Can Give Your Kids Sharper IQ

It may surprise you that your children’s love for sports can be more beneficial than just fun. Participating in sports is essential to their success in school, work, and life as this boosts their Intelligence Quotient(IQ): smartness and sharpness. What this gives them is a greater ability to concentrate on these aspects of life for success. According to some studies, people who participate…
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You Do Not Need A lot of Exercises To Reduce Depression, New Study Reveals

Apparently, you do not need a lot of exercise to reduce depression levels, a new study has found. Brisk walks for 2.5 hours a week, and one or two times of exercising per week can significantly help reduce depression or its risk, the new data analysis shows. Just getting up and moving around helps. “Most benefits are realized when moving from no activity to at least some,” the research…
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