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These Sports Can Give Your Kids Sharper IQ

These Sports Can Give Your Kids Sharper IQ

It may surprise you that your children’s love for sports can be more beneficial than just fun. Participating in sports is essential to their success in school, work, and life as this boosts their Intelligence Quotient(IQ): smartness and sharpness. What this gives them is a greater ability to concentrate on these aspects of life for success.

According to some studies, people who participate in sports can filter out distractions and noise to keep their focus more than less athletic people.

We guess you must have wondered why loud cheering and booing during games by large audiences do not affect the concentration of many athletes. They still focus on the game and hear the coach’s instructions.

Because we care about your kids’ development, we have lined up some sports you should let them participate in to make their brains brighter and sharper.

These Sports Give Your kids sharper IQ

  • Golf

There is a common misconception that golf is a game for just pleasure and relaxation throughout its entire duration. No. The routine walk around the field to swing the clubs at the little white ball requires a serious deal of concentration and patience. You have to know your surroundings and learn how to adjust your game accordingly. When your kids participate in golf, they may become smarter as their concentration skills improve.

  • Swimming

Swimming is another sport you might want to let your kids participate in to help boost their smartness and sharpness.

Whether for fun or in competition, swimming requires your kids’ brains to stay alert to keep them afloat. This demands a lot of brain concentration which in the long run improves their sharper IQ.

  • Tennis

Whether indoor; table tennis, or outdoor; lawn tennis, your kids must learn how to measure and respond to actions quickly and efficiently when playing this game.

As a high-speed and engaging sport, it requires lots of concentration and hand-eye coordination, which helps them improve fast mental calculation. The game puts a lot of mental demand or pressure on their brain and as a result, makes them smarter as new neural connections are created.

  • Chess

Being very good in this game has been linked to high intelligence since its inception. Chess is a super strategic game requiring deft thinking in over 100 moves to emerge the winner.

These lots of calculations in moves over 100 places and more have proven to improve the function of the brain. When your kids engage in this game, they become smarter and more advanced players, as they memorise strategic moves, which increases their memory capacity.

  • Yoga

This is not much of a popular sport, but if you find a class where this is taught —ensure you take your kids there. Aside from improving their flexibility, balance, and fitness, yoga works on their minds as well. Daily Practice would help clear their mind and improve concentration.

Inarguably, sports affect the body and mind. When your kids engage in sports such as golf, swimming, chess, tennis and yoga, it will improve their brain development. If you want them to be smarter and more intelligent, lead them to try these sports.

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