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Reasons Why Some Women Reach Orgasm During Childbirth

It’s not a myth – orgasm during childbirth is real and it happens to some women. It’s hard to believe but many women feel the same orgasmic sensation during labour that they would experience in any other situation. In fact, there are several potential reasons why some women reach orgasm while giving birth. Hormonal surges During pregnancy and childbirth, your body…
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Wearing Socks During Sex Can Give Intense Orgasms; Here’s How

Do you think it’s weird to wear socks while having sex? Well, it might just be one of the best tricks to help you stimulate faster. When it comes to sex, a cosy environment is essential. That’s why many people talk about setting up the mood because the mood for sex has just to be there – and right. Wearing socks can give you the cosy environment you want and relax your mind. When…
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Male Orgasm: Understanding The Male Climax

If you really think about it, the male orgasm is directly responsible for the existence of every human being in the world. Though, without the female eggs, birth canals, wombs, and all the things that go into growing a sperm into a living person, orgasm would have come to nothing. However, it is still fascinating to regard the intense significance of the male orgasm. We all know that modern-day…
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Orgasms And Their Health Benefits

Everyone who has had them knows that orgasms are pleasurable. Beyond pleasure, do you know that it has immense benefits for your health as well? You are about to find just how much having good orgasms can do for your well-being. Health Benefits of Orgasms Here are nine amazing and interesting benefits orgasms have to offer Orgasms are great for your heart Having orgasms will help decrease your…
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