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Male Orgasm: Understanding The Male Climax

Male Orgasm: Understanding The Male Climax

If you really think about it, the male orgasm is directly responsible for the existence of every human being in the world.

Though, without the female eggs, birth canals, wombs, and all the things that go into growing a sperm into a living person, orgasm would have come to nothing. However, it is still fascinating to regard the intense significance of the male orgasm.

We all know that modern-day sexual intercourse is primarily about pleasure and fun and not solely focused on procreation. Even with that, the concern is not about the decrease in childbirth but the importance of a man’s ejaculation.

Therefore, asking about what a male orgasm is, why it is a big deal, and how a male orgasm differs from that of a female is still worth it.

Explaining what a male orgasm is, which is also referred to as the male climax, it is a complex physiological and psychological reaction to sexual excitement that usually but doesn’t often end with ejaculation.

A man can achieve an orgasm through a series of steps which calls for some organs, blood vessels, nerves, and hormones to work together. The outcome is fluid ejaculation that may include sperm by solid muscle contractions.

Still, not all individuals with a penis can attain orgasm. The inability of a man not to achieve orgasm can be due to extreme difficulty for different reasons like emotions, medical conditions, age, or even certain medications. Many times, multiple causes are regarded.

How the male climax works

Two scientists outlined four distinct phases of the male orgasm. As much as there can be variabilities in the duration and intensity of the phases, it occurs in a particular sequence.

#1 phase: Arousal

While in the state of arousal, emotional, sensory, and physical signs prompt the brain to release acetylcholine (a chemical messenger).

In response, acetylcholine triggers the release of nitric oxide into the arteries of the penis, letting both biological compounds expand and speedily fill up with blood.

Thus, the enlargement and stiffening of the penis, known as erection, happens. Other male arousal signs like increased muscle tension, retraction of the scrotum close to the body, and changes in breathing can be experienced.

#2 phase: Plateau

Plateau is a phase that occurs right before orgasm. It’s sometimes referred to as pre-orgasm, which typically lasts between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. At the point of the plateau, the following occurs;

  • Body temperature and blood pressure rise.
  • There may be ”pre-cum” (leakage of seminal fluid) from the urethra (the tube through which semen and urine exit the body).
  • The heart rate rises between 150 and 175 beats per minute.
  • Pelvic thrusts become involuntary and increase in intensity and speed.

#3 phase: Orgasm

Two parts occur in orgasm; emission and ejaculation. At the time of emission, semen moves into the urethra and close to the tip of the penis.

On the other hand, muscular contractions of the pelvic floor and penis muscles help to prompt the semen from the body during ejaculation.

#4 phase: Resolution and Refraction

The phase after orgasm is resolution. At this time, the penis starts to lose its erection, which is often accompanied by feelings of drowsiness and relaxation.

Refraction (or refractory period) happens when the man cannot achieve another erection regardless of stimulation. Depending on other factors and the man’s age, it may take several minutes or hours to attain another erection.

Good to note:

Everybody cannot have the same orgasm. What makes a person’s climax might not necessarily be for another.

Therefore, if you have feelings or concerns about your climax, speak to a doctor or sexual health specialist. They are ready to answer any questions you may have and provide some recommendations for you.

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