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Interstitial Cystitis: Things You Can Do To Help

Interstitial cystitis, also known as bladder pain syndrome (BPS), is a disorder that has symptoms of mild to severe bladder pain and an urgent and/or recurrent need to urinate. Stress is the number one cause of most major illnesses. Stress doesn’t cause interstitial cystitis (IC), if you have IC, stress can make it flare up. Mental stress and physical stress can lead to flares. Therefore…
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Five Lifestyle Choices That Weaken Your Immune System

The immune system is the body’s best defence mechanism against infections. A robust immune system protects you from viral and bacterial infections which come with symptoms like flu, fever, and colds. When your immune system is weakened, your risk of getting these infections and falling sick increases. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020, the immune system has been a trending topic…
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How To Get Rid Of Stress Eyebags Naturally

Eyebags are puffiness and mild swelling under the eyes. Eyebags are never a pretty sight; they tend to dull a person’s overall appearance by making one look fatigued and sleepy at all times. However, eye bags are standard as people age and the tissues surrounding the eyes deteriorate, but there are other causes, such as lack of sleep, persistent stress, a poor diet, allergies, fluid…
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How Stress Affects Male Sexual Health

Working late, worrying about your finances, and having to meet deadlines. The list goes on. These are different ways one can get stressed. One way or another, we have all gone through a stressful phase in life that affects the body differently. How one person reacts to stress might not be the same as another. It goes to say that avoiding stress is impossible but getting it under control or…
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6 Incredible Benefits of Exercise

Getting out of bed in the morning can sometimes be a struggle; you may wake up stressed, tired, or even anxious. When you need a quick fix, the first solution that may come to mind is to grab an energy drink or make a cup of coffee. As easy as that is, it is not your healthiest option. You can switch to a healthier exercise alternative and kick-start your day with the right energy, even without…
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Mental Health: Five Easy Tips to Manage Stress

Managing stress is an everyday struggle. If it isn’t traffic in the city stressing you, it might be your boss, family or business. Stress most times comes at you without a memo and can take a generous swipe on your mental health. You are left with the choice of buckling under the weight of stress or rising above it. Stress is your body’s reaction to tension, whether emotional or physical. It…
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Managing Work Stress: Importance of a Regular Medical Check-up

You wake up for work one day and realise the energy is gone, not even the love for your job or the big dreams seem like enough motivation to get off the bed. In place of the love and motivation are now body pains, fever, headaches, and a large dose of disinterest. This is what burnout looks like, and it doesn’t have to be your story. Learning to identify stress symptoms and taking quick steps…
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