8 Reasons Why You Should See A Doctor Online

8 Reasons Why You Should See A Doctor Online

Dragging yourself out of bed just because you have an appointment with your doctor in the hospital can be exhausting, especially when you think of how much time will be spent on the way and the long queue awaiting you inside the hospital.

The emergence of telemedicine has made things easier. Telemedicine brings the healthcare you need to meet you wherever you are. This is not limited to consultations; it spreads to diagnostic tests, medicine delivery, and much more.

Here are eight reasons why you should see a doctor online;

Privacy and Security

Online doctor consultations are unfamiliar to many individuals. Because of this, it is crucial to make sure you are speaking with a qualified medical professional who can advise you on your state of health. When working with a virtual doctor, you can be sure you are utilising a secure system and server. At Doctall, we take pride in confidentiality. Hence everything you discuss with your doctor online is always confidential. Your case notes are private and will only be shared with your permission.

Easy access to your medical records

Every time you schedule an appointment with the Doctall app and contact a doctor, your medical data is automatically recorded. Online medical records are convenient to access and beneficial to your care. For instance, if your condition deteriorates and you are admitted to the hospital, your doctor can communicate with the attending physician to optimise your care. You can also upload and store test results, scans, prescriptions, and other medical records.

It saves time for both doctors and patients

Using telemedicine services makes it simpler and faster for patients and doctors to communicate. Online appointment scheduling is available for doctors to accommodate their schedules. By doing this, time lost on unscheduled doctor visits and missed appointments are eliminated. The likelihood of forgetting the appointment day is low because the patient is free to choose the most convenient day to speak with a doctor.

Faster prescription and referral appointments

It is simpler for doctors to evaluate your health status and, if necessary, provide prescription medication when you consult with them online. You might occasionally have extreme physical pain that necessitates using potent painkillers that a doctor can only prescribe. You can obtain your prescription with much more convenience with online consultation for prescription medications. In some circumstances, your condition might be more serious, and the doctor might ask you to get a physical exam. The doctor can suggest you visit another physician or a nearby medical facility for further examinations. All of these can be made easy with the Doctall app.


Another benefit of online consultations is the opportunity to schedule an appointment at any time and location. When you use the Doctall app to book appointments, be rest assured that we have doctors available that will attend to you immediately or book an appointment for your convenient time.

Access to specialists

Virtual medical care also offers access to specialists. Patients who require a specialist’s care do not have to travel far or spend a lot of time waiting for an open slot. You can access the knowledge of specialists not in your location or country through online consultations. Using the Doctall app gives you access to specialists from around the world.

Comfort and convenience

Consulting doctors online is pretty comfortable and convenient. Imagine a full-time staff with a busy schedule who needs to make time to get to the hospital. Instead of disrupting your schedule and making trips, you can have access to a doctor right in the office.


The best thing about consulting a doctor online is that it is relatively cost-effective. But if you go to the hospital, you must consider transportation and consultation fees. Wouldn’t you want access to a doctor at a lesser price? Hence download and make us the Doctall app today.

The effectiveness of telemedicine in Nigeria is encouraging. The minister of health has urged Nigerians to use information and communication technology (ICT) in healthcare services to access better care.
Doctall is one of the top telemedicine service providers that offer quality care. Download the Doctall app on google store or apple store today and schedule an appointment with our doctors without worrying about being delayed.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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