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Best Foods For Increasing Low Testosterone Levels

Best Foods For Increasing Low Testosterone Levels

Maybe you’ve been feeling low recently. It may even be that your sex drive has gone down. Or you don’t feel like getting up and doing anything productive anymore. This might be because your testosterone levels are low.

In males, generally, testosterone levels fall by 1 to 2% every year or more when there’s an unbalanced lifestyle. Hence, with increasing age, you should ensure that you incorporate foods that will increase your testosterone levels to keep the spark of your life alive.

Symptoms of low testosterone levels like difficulty having erections, low sex drive, increased hair fall, depression, cardiovascular problems, obesity, low energy levels, and feeling mentally low can appear as you grow older.

Although testosterone is produced in both males and females during sexual development, the two major differences are; In females, testosterone is produced in the ovaries and the adrenal glands, while in males, it is produced in the testes.

Also, in females, testosterone is produced in lower amounts but produced in abundant quantities in males. Testosterone, a male sex hormone, plays a vital role in uplifting libido, increasing muscle mass, and maintaining bone health.

Continue reading; we’ve put together a list of the best foods, such as leafy greens and fatty fish, for increasing low testosterone levels.

Best foods that can increase low testosterone

Foods like tuna, pomegranate, grapes, honey, milk, cabbage, eggs, garlic, red meat, and venison can help to increase your low levels of testosterone in your body, maintain your overall well-being, and give various health benefits.


You might not be a fan of tuna’s smell, but you might be convinced after knowing its health benefits. Tuna is a vitamin D source and can benefit one’s health.

Adding vitamin D to your diet might raise your T-levels significantly. Therefore, tuna is favourable for men suffering from low testosterone levels or infertility problems. The effect of tuna on various health benefits is that it can protect your eyesight because it is rich in Omega-3s.

Furthermore, aside from Vitamin D Omega-3s that tuna has, tuna is a rich source of protein too. Foods rich in proteins promote metabolism and can help you shed extra pounds more quickly.

It is good to note that the intake of sufficient Vitamin D is the goal. Therefore, if you don’t like tuna, you can choose other seafood options rich in Vitamin D. Looking for an alternative to tuna? Salmon or sardines are good options for you!


Pomegranate is said to increase low levels of testosterone in the body by 24%. It’s also a rich source of nutrients (such as folate, fibre, potassium, and various vitamins) and antioxidants, which can maintain a person’s overall well-being.

In males, pomegranate can decrease the risk of prostate cancer. Again, if a person has prostate cancer and starts drinking pomegranate juice, chances are that the juice will promote the death of cancerous cells by slowing down metastasis.

Additionally, pomegranate might help prevent joint pain and conditions like arthritis since it’s a rich nutrient source. Because it promotes blood flow throughout the body, it might also help with erectile dysfunction.

Pomegranate is composed of abundant dietary nitrates, which might make you more active and less prone to fatigue. This reinforces the fact that it might improve exercise performance.


Testosterone makes a man and is responsible for developing secondary characteristics in men. Furthermore, a man’s sex life is highly dependent on testosterone. The best way to increase your low testosterone production is to go for a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, including a nutrient-enriched diet.

We have listed some of the best foods above that can help you, so try them out. Otherwise, book an appointment to speak with a doctor on Doctall if you have concerns about your testosterone levels.

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