Five Health Benefits Of Bitter Leaves

Five Health Benefits Of Bitter Leaves

Most people on this side of the world use bitter leaves strictly for cooking because they are unaware of its other fantastic health benefits.

The not-so-good part is that almost all the nutrients are washed off whenever it’s used for cooking. The few nutrients that managed to get through are also heated up. It will further lose nutrients, leaving just a tiny portion for human consumption.

Therefore, if we want to enjoy all the health benefits of bitter leaves, it should be taken fresh. Though the leaf is bitter, as the name implies, and most people might not be able to withstand its bitterness, it is one of the most versatile and advantageous plants in the world. It is used for medicinal and curative purposes.

Also, have it at the back of your mind that the best medicines come with a bitter taste, and bitter leaf is among those medicines (even ranked high). From treating diabetes, diarrhoea, malaria, kidney disease, typhoid, gallstones, and tuberculosis to lowering hypertension and preventing cancer, the health benefits of the bitter leaf are endless.

Read on to learn more about the health benefits bitter leaves have to offer.

     1. It relieves stomach aches

You must have heard bitter leaves solves stomach problems, this is true. To soothe your stomach ache, you should chew the tender stem of the plant (as if you’re munching a chewing stick) and swallow the bitterness. The ache will subside in a few minutes.

Another option is to pound the fresh leaf in a mortar to get the juice. After that, add a pinch of salt to the undiluted juice and drink. Expect relief in no time!

     2. It fights pneumonia

Pneumonia is a lung inflammation disease affected by viral or bacterial infection, in which the air sacs are filled with pus and may turn solid. Both lungs may be affected, which is said to be “double pneumonia” when that happens. However, if one lung is involved, “single pneumonia” occurs.

But the powerful effect of bitter leaves is sufficient to combat this condition. To tackle it, squeeze the fresh leaf and take a glass full of it three times daily. Before you take it, heat the solution slightly. Do not boil it, just warm it. Continue taking it for a month and see how fast it works.

     3. It battles sleep disorder (insomnia)

If you’re experiencing sleeplessness, then bitter leaf might be the proper medication for you. People that have used bitter leaf extract to treat wakefulness have testified to the wonders of this great leaf.

Just take two glasses of bitter leaf juice every night before you sleep, and you will feel the calmness that comes with sleep and relaxation.

     4. It deals with prostate cancer

The truth is prostate cancer is prominent among men in their forties. One of its first symptoms is difficulty in urination or painful urination. Using bitter leaves to treat this ailment is as effective as ever. It will work by increasing the flow of urine and reducing the pain.

To use, squeeze the fresh leaves in clean water and take a glass-full four times daily with a concomitant medical checkup. You will notice that you’ll start urinating frequently. However, do not fret because the body is in cleansing mode, and that’s why it is happening.

     5. It boosts fertility

Bitter leaf has been said to enhance infertility among women with difficulty conceiving. Bitter leaves help because the detoxification power of the leaf helps to stop the pollution of the antibodies that initiate tissue repair and regeneration and fight diseases. When this is done, it significantly boosts the ovaries’ fertility. It will also get rid of premature ovarian failure and ovarian cysts.

If you still notice the same symptom after using bitter leaf, please seek medical attention. Speak with a doctor to know what could be wrong.

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