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5 Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair

5 Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair

There’s heartbreak and there is the pain of watching your once long luscious and healthy hair break and get damaged. That is a major pain!

Your hair is stressed daily, resulting in dull, brittle, and damaged hair over time.However, there are ways you might be further damaging your hair without you realising it. Appraising your routine is essential to discover how you are unknowingly damaging your hair.

Routine practices like washing, drying, heating, brushing, and styling your long hair might make it show signs of damage, such as split ends and frizz. However, hair will naturally look dull and thin out with age.

You can stop damaging your hair by stoping some practices. Choosing the proper routine and taking specific medication where the hair loss is excessive quickly bring your hair back to life.

Hair is made up of a potent protein known as keratin and when heat, chemicals, and even friction damage your hair cuticle, the outcome is to make your hair look thin, frizzy, dry, dull, and more susceptible to breakage. We’ve pencilled out how you might be damaging your hair so you can make the requisite changes for healthier hair.

1. Excessive heat styling on your hair

Hot tools can rapidly suck out moisture from hair strands. Instead, use an air drier to dry your hair when you can and attempt to go heatless for a few days. Also experiment with rolling, twisting, and braiding your hair.

2. Wet brushing your hair

Hair is prone to damage when wet, so it is not advisable to brush or comb it while it is still wet. This is because wetness puts your hair in its most fragile state. While brushing tangles out of your hair after leaving the shower is tempting, still allow your hair to dry a little before brushing.

3. Using the wrong shampoo and conditioner

Not all shampoos are meant for the same hair issues; therefore, it is essential to know your hair goals and get the right ones accordingly. If you use many hair products daily, choose a clarifying shampoo to prevent buildup on the scalp. Also, if you suffer from dry hair, use a shampoo infused with oils or honey to dampen your hair as you wash.

4. Drying your hair with a towel

Rethink wrapping your hair with a towel turban as you step out of the shower. Towels are made with rough, coarse fabric that creates more friction when rubbed against the hair. This can cause fragile strands, frizzing, and end damage eventually.

If you must use a towel, opt for a microfibre towel. It will glide over your hair quickly to reduce strain.

5. Chemicals in hair products

Some harmful chemicals are incorporated in most hair treatments that can not readily be applied to the hair and give your hair short-term softness and shine. But then, how would you know the harmless ones? Click here to learn the best hair treatment plan for you.

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