The Smartphone Madness: Unhealthy Impact Of Phone Use You Didn’t Know About

The Smartphone Madness Unhealthy Impact Of Phone Use You Didn’t Know About

If smartphones were to be death itself, then we would all be dead. 99% of individuals are always on their phones for work, playing games, watching movies, or surfing the internet. The remaining 1% are elderly individuals who don’t have time to pick up a phone.

In Nigeria today, the usage of mobile phones and the urge to get one is like a raving madness that cannot be shaken off. We all want the iPhone 14s, the Samsung Galaxy, etc. Yeah, we want it all. But yet, we fail to realise the continuous and slow damage it is causing to our health.

Excessive phone usage can cause damage to our health, and if you are finding it hard to believe, best be sure we have some pretty essential facts to back up our claim.

Here are ways your phone is damaging your health;

Straining and damaging your eyes

When you stare at your phone for more than a couple of hours, you risk dry eyes from blinking less, headaches, blurred vision, and general eyestrain, especially if you have any untreated vision problems in the first place. Blue light emitted by our devices can cure circadian and sleep issues but can potentially cause photoreceptor damage.

Smartphones disrupt sleep

Many people have difficulty putting down their phones before going to bed. When you are having an exciting conversation with a friend, it is difficult to resist taking another look. Unfortunately, several studies have shown that using LCD screens significantly close to your face can disrupt your natural sleep cycle.

The blue light they emit is known to suppress the production of melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep. Because our eyes are accustomed to absorbing blue light from the sun during the day, exposure to it at night upsets the circadian rhythms that cause us to sleep at night and wake up in the morning.

Smartphones impair memory

With the introduction of smartphones, nobody has time to memorise things when they know they can always look them up. When you cease memorising facts and figures, your memory can get rusty, which is never suitable for anyone.

Increases the risk of potentially fatal accidents

Being on the phone every time, even while you are outside, can raise your chances of getting into an accident. Assume someone is crossing the street while pressing their phone without looking ahead or behind them if a car is coming. I can assure you that the individual may not live to tell what happened to them.

Bacteria are present on smartphones.

Almost any object we encounter during the day is teeming with bacteria, but cell phones pose additional risks due to their proximity to our ears and lips.

Your phone may be filled with strange microorganisms; some have more bacteria than the typical toilet. Even if you wash your hands frequently, your phone is still a disease vector that can get you sick.

Smartphones can cause hand injuries.

You hold your fingers in the posture required to keep your phone steady when tapping and swiping might create inflammation and tendon problems.

The thumb, used for most typing by phone users, is the most vulnerable. Because the thumb has a limited range of motion, it is easily irritated when pushed beyond its comfort zone.

Smartphones can cause neck and upper pain.

A few hours spent leaning over your phone might cause discomfort, beginning with soreness in the back of the neck and shoulders.

These are just a few damages excessive usage of phones can cause. If you are among people who spend too much time on their phones, all hope is not lost for you. You can always do something about it. Reduce the rate by which you press your phone to save yourself.

Need to speak to a doctor? Click HERE.

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