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Five Ways Eating Pineapples Can Improve Your Sex Life

Five Ways Eating Pineapples Can Improve Your Sex Life

Pineapples are not only sweet, juicy, vitamin-packed, and exotic fruits, they are life savers! They help the body in ways you probably won’t have imagined, and the most thrilling part is what it does for “the other room” activities. Cunnilingus, to be precise, because we all know boring sex is no sex.

Oral sex can be improved due to the flavour of pineapple fruit when eaten. Although this statement is not scientifically proven, many people (including Annie Sprinkle, a sexologist) have said that taking enough pineapple juice makes a woman’s vagina and a man’s semen taste better during orals.

Though it won’t taste as sweet as the fruit, taking a substantial amount before sex makes your fluids taste sweeter; it boosts sexual stimulation as well. Undoubtedly, one of the things that may make you say that sex is better is when you eat pineapples because of their aphrodisiac properties.

Pineapples have enough magnesium, potassium, and manganese, which helps the body tremendously (particularly in boosting a person’s sex drive). The moment you get through pineapple’s thorny body, get yourself ready for a delicious treat underneath; it is worth the effort.

We know you know what pineapple is, but you may not know they have several benefits to your sex life. Here are the five ways eating pineapples can improve your sex life which would send you running to the market.

Ways pineapples improve sex life

Pineapple is a tropical fruit that tastes great and is suitable for everyone. There are many nutrients and antioxidants, and other good things that you can get from eating them. For instance, the presence of Vitamin C, essential for creating “happy hormones”, is found in pineapple. It is also abundant in antioxidants that battle ageing. Ageing is one of the primary causes of low sex drive and sometimes impotence.

     1. Aphrodisiac

Pineapple is an aphrodisiac because it nourishes your body with thiamine, a vital dietary vitamin that ensures it is in peak condition. For more effective results, partnering pineapples with a healthy and balanced meal can boost their aphrodisiac properties.

     2. Step up testosterone levels

In males, pineapple benefits sexual health because it is a quality source of nutrients for testosterone creation. The presence of bromelain, an enzyme, makes testosterone production more pronounced. You can read the foods that can increase low testosterone levels HERE.

     3. Boosts fertility

Antioxidants like flavonoids and other phenolic acids in pineapple help benefit sexual health. Researchers revealed that antioxidants enhance sex hormone levels and promote fertility in people. It also prevents some age-related disorders and maintains a healthy immune system.

     4. Dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED)

Pineapple is at the top of the list of vitamin C-rich foods that help deal with erectile dysfunction (ED). ED affects blood flow to the penis and heart health in adult males. Vitamin C, coupled with bioflavonoids, promotes blood flow to the erectile tissues, allowing the man to have and maintain an erection.

It also raises nitric oxide (NO) production and alters its breakdown to enable blood vessels in the penis to dilate very quickly.

     5. Elevates sexual stamina

Pineapples can help provide the body with a burst of energy to satisfy the primal demands for pleasure. The high quantities of thiamine and vitamin C in pineapple fruit boost sexual stamina. In addition, the bromelain enzyme in the fruit can increase a man’s desire for sex by stimulating testosterone production.


As pineapples are suitable for the body and eating enough can promote your sex life, they should be consumed in moderation. The abundance of vitamin C in pineapples can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, heartburn, and gastrointestinal discomfort if eaten in large quantities. Speak to a doctor if you’re seeking ways to boost your sex life.

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