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Ways Alcohol Consumption Can Affect The Heart 

Ways Alcohol Consumption Can Affect The Heart 

We all know drinking too much alcohol isn’t a good idea. When it comes to alcohol affecting the heart, you’ve likely heard different stories. It may even be that you’ve brushed off all that’s been said about alcohol and heart health, thinking a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away.  

Though, there’s a popular belief that wine, a form of alcohol, is good for the heart. The truth is still very unclear. What’s only clear is that alcohol is a legal, sedative drug that can cause dependency or addiction for people who drink too much.

Yes, alcohol is used to make wine, liqueurs, spirits, and beer, and many people drink it for relaxation and enjoyment purposes. Still, you should never intentionally use wine to try to reduce your heart disease because too much alcohol can increase the risk of a heart attack, diabetes, and stroke.

Indeed, excessive alcohol can raise blood pressure and weight. Simply put, it changes behaviour. Its abuse can damage relationships and society through crime, violence, drunk driving, and accidents. Overall, alcohol harms people’s health. 

Therefore, if you must drink alcohol, you should do so in moderation to avoid alcohol-related heart issues. So, before you raise that wine glass to your health, here are the ways alcohol consumption can affect your heart. 

Irregular heartbeat

Whether it’s a glass of red wine or champagne for the new year or a graduation ceremony, alcohol is more present on almost every occasion. Even though enjoying celebratory spirits in moderation is recommended, it’s vital to be aware not to overdo your celebrations. 

When you take too much alcohol by overindulging in it, you could have an irregular heartbeat, known as atrial fibrillation, which can increase your risk of heart failure, heart attack, and stroke. 

Increased heart rate

A major thing your heart does is keep a rhythm. Averagely, a regular heart rate is about 60 to 100 beats per minute when the body is at rest. If you take too much alcohol, it can lead your heart rate temporarily jump up in speed. And if your heart rate goes over 100 beats per minute, a condition known as tachycardia can occur.  

Too many occurrences of tachycardia could lead to more serious problems like irregular rhythms or heart failure, which can cause stroke and heart attack.

Raises blood pressure

That fifth drink at the bar may make you feel relaxed, but it’s affecting your body in some other way than you think. Too much alcohol can affect your blood pressure causing it to rise temporarily. And if you have a history of high blood pressure, it’s advisable to avoid alcohol completely or better still, drink in moderation or occasionally. 

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