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5 Smoothie Recipes To Increase Sex Drive/Libido

5 Smoothie Recipes To Increase Sex Drive/Libido

Both men and women want to be complimented for their skills and stamina in bed. But if there is a problem with your sex drive/libido then there is every tendency that you will not be receiving that compliment anytime soon.

Sex is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Humans desire to be satisfied as much as possible. A lot of couples are losing the chemistry they once had in bed for a variety of reasons, with decreasing libidos made worse by bad lifestyle choices being the main offender. Hence we have prepared 5 smoothie recipes to help increase sex drive/libido.

Smoothie recipes to increase sex drive

Financial strains, workplace stress, a lack of excitement, boredom, poor lifestyle choices, and eating habits could all have an impact on a person’s libido. Once your libido or sex drive is affected, you can say goodbye to lasting longer in bed.

Whatever the cause, with these smoothie recipes you can guarantee a high sex drive/libido.

Here are 5 smoothie recipes to try out;

  • Banana smoothies – Bananas are a good source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin B1, vitamin A, vitamin C, and protein, all of which are important for sperm development.

Additionally, it contains bromelain, an enzyme that boosts sex desire and cures male impotence.


two small bananas peeled

Ginger, 10 grams

Almond milk (1 cup)

Washed celery leaves (½)


Chop your bananas into a blender.

Add the grated ginger and the celery leaves.

Blend the ingredients after adding the almond milk until it is smooth.

Pour in a glass and add some ice if you wish.

  • Celery smoothies – They are fortified with potassium, magnesium, niacin, vitamin E, and potassium. Additionally, it includes arginine, an amino acid that helps blood vessels expand and has the same purpose as a sex enhancer.


Celery leaves (2 cups)

1 green apple (diced)

1 lemon (juiced)

Unsweetened yoghourt or almond


Place your thoroughly cleaned celery in a blender.

Add your apples and lemon juice.

Add your yoghourt or almond milk.

Mix until uniform.

  • Avocado Smoothies – They are a great source of folic acids and provide the needed energy boost to keep things raunchy in the bedroom.

They also include good fats, vitamin B, and potassium, which all work to increase the levels of male hormones needed for virility in the bed sheets.


2 large avocado-pear 

frozen pineapples in a half-cup

Almond milk (1 cup)

Ginger (10 grams)


Blend the avocado in a blender.

Add the frozen pineapples

Ginger and almond milk should be added.

Blend everything until smooth

Add some ice to the glass after pouring.

  • Pumpkin seeds smoothies – They are rich in zinc, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, niacin, and phosphoric acid, all of which are necessary for the development of strong sperm and raise testosterone levels. 

They are also incredibly rich in vitamins that increase libidos, such as Vitamins B, C, K, D, and E.


Pumpkin seeds (1 tablespoon)

Frozen pineapples (½ cup)

Frozen bananas (½ cup)

One cup of plain yoghourt


Blend your frozen pineapples in a food processor.

Pumpkin seeds and bananas should be added.

Yoghourt is added.

Then combine everything in a smooth blender

Pour into a glass, then top with ice.

  • Carrot smoothies – Carrots perform wonders for your sexual health in addition to making your skin glow and your immune system strong.

According to studies, guys who consume carrots at least four times per week have more sperm and are more potent in bed.


1 cup of carrots, chopped

1 small apple

½ cup of diced pineapples

Ginger (10 grams)


Put your carrots in your blender, either diced or shredded.

Diced apples and pineapples should be added.

Grated ginger and a glass of water should be added.

Your ingredients should be smooth after being blended.

Pour in a glass with ice.

If you are not lasting longer in bed and you wish to change that naturally, these smoothie recipes should be considered. However, if you still have underlying issues after taking them, you should seek advice from your doctor.

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