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6 Exercises that can Help Children Stay Healthy

6 Exercises that can Help Children Stay Healthy

Getting your kids to engage in exercises and fun workouts should become a norm in your home. Introducing children to healthy habits such as exercising can make a difference in their health as they develop. As early as age 5 or 6, kids can start out with light exercise. 

You wonder: How much exercise should kids engage in? How necessary is this? Are there exercises for children? This article gives you answers to the questions.

Getting your kids to take part in fun exercises is good for their health. Regular exercise for kids can help improve their cardiovascular health. There is more! Exercises for children can help control their weight and build their muscles and bones. In addition, physical activities for kids can also help reduce their risk of developing type 1 diabetes and heart disease.

Now you know the importance of exercises for children, it is only normal for you to wonder the types of exercise for kids to carry out. After all, you do not want to send your kids to the gym to lift weights or run more miles that an adult should.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of  six (6) effective and fun exercises for children.

Light running and kiddies chase

Kiddies chase and running is a particularly fun exercise for children because it is exciting and beneficial to their health. Running aids the growth of strong bones and muscles. Not to forget that children also need to maintain a healthy weight. Running at an early age can also motivate your kid to keep running as they grow up. This means that the healthy train keeps moving. To make running more enjoyable for your kid, give them a target. For instance, your kid can run around a table three to four times. Your kids can also chase each other outside the home, in the garden, or at a park.

Yoga and stretches

Daily stretches can come in handy. Stretching helps to minimise your children’s risk of getting  injuries. It also helps with flexibility and motion. If you have active kids, yoga and stretches can help them calm down and give them a breather from their daily mischief.


Another great exercise for kids is squatting. If you want to build your kid’s endurance and improve their cardiovascular health, squatting is your go-to kid’s workout. Remember not to put pressure on your kid, as five repeated squats over two sessions are enough. You can also aid this process by putting a stool to guide your kid while squatting. 


Getting their feet off the ground is one physical activity that kids enjoy. Jumping works to build strong muscles. It also helps with cardiovascular health. There are various styles of jumping that your kids can try out. For one, there are jumping jacks. Get your kid to stretch their legs and arms out like how a starfish looks. After the first jump, your kid should bring down his or her arms to the side and the legs should go back to a center position while landing. Your child can also jump front-to-back or side-to-side while jumping.


Skipping is another great exercise for kids. It is an aerobic exercise that can also help maintain balance. The best thing about skipping is that you do not have to appease your children to get into it because it can be done as a game where points are given. All you have to do here is to get a skipping rope, then your kids can hop back and forth for 5-10 minutes at a go. 

Sit-ups and basic push-ups

Basic pushups can help strengthen children’s upper bodies. How can a child achieve basic pushups? Change the regular push-ups by allowing their knees on the ground during push-ups. You can also encourage your child to carry out sit-ups. How does this work? Get your kid to sit with his or her back resting on the wall and legs stretched outwards. Then your child can bend forward towards the toes and get back up to the wall.

There you have it. Be sure to encourage your kids to try out these exercises for children. This is great for their health and general wellbeing. For more health tips for children, speak with a doctor on Doctall.

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