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Simple Tricks To Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Simple Tricks To Overcome Premature Ejaculation

You are in bed with your partner ( or wherever else the action is taking place), and you’re excited and anticipating a long and pleasurable time together.

Then before you can begin, it abruptly ends; you’ve orgasmed. Now you and your partner are disappointed and frustrated, and you feel more than a tad embarrassed.

There’s no set time to when sex should last. But if you find yourself ejaculating earlier than desired, it can cause worry, frustration, and even problems in your relationship.

One out of three men will experience premature ejaculation, according to studies. So if this is currently your dilemma, relax; you’re not alone! Even more interesting is that premature ejaculation is very treatable, and treatment options are available. However, seeing a doctor, getting correctly diagnosed, and beginning treatment is essential.

Additionally, you can take steps to help reduce premature ejaculation. Here, we have highlighted some steps you can take to manage it alongside your doctor’s treatment.


Causes of premature ejaculation can be grouped into two categories; Emotional or psychological factors and Medical factors.

You can learn more about these HERE.

If you’ve just started experiencing premature ejaculation, they are some simple tricks you can try to help reduce the occurrence.

Self-help techniques

They’re self-help techniques you can try if you’re experiencing premature ejaculation.

Some of them include;

Masturbating before sex

Some men have found masturbating an hour or two before sex helps to reduce the excitement, allowing them to last longer with their partners.

Use a thick condom

If your penis is extra sensitive to stimulation, you’ll benefit from using a thick condom which will decrease sensations to a bearable limit, preventing premature ejaculation.

Take deep breaths

Taking shallow, sharp breaths during sex builds anxiety and quickens the excitement, which might cause you to climax earlier than desired.

Take deep breaths during the act and if you feel the excitement building to a crescendo, hold your breath to shut down the ejaculatory reflex briefly.

Go cow-girl

Let your partner get on top. If they feel you are about to climax, they can pull away to continue when you’ve gained control of your responses.

Distract yourself with random thoughts

To stop the horses from fleeing the stable prematurely, you can distract yourself by thinking random thoughts, like recalling the names of all the roads or bridges in your city or counting 100 from backward.

If the problem persists regularly for up to 3 months, book an appointment to see a doctor.

With the help of treatment from your doctor and these adjustments to your lifestyle, you should see positive results soon.

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