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Seven Exercises To Deal With Premature Ejaculation

Seven Exercises To Deal With Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a leading sexual health problem in men. Studies have said that 1 in 3 men will experience premature ejaculation in their lifetime.

So gentlemen, if you feel frustrated and embarrassed from experiencing this condition, you’re not alone; millions of men are in the same shoes.

Premature is mainly linked to psychological causes, like anxiety, depression, or overexcitement. However, other factors like hormonal problems, an injury, or an underlying disease can contribute.

We’ve put together some exercises and techniques you can apply to reduce symptoms. They include;

Stop and start method

This method will only work if you understand your body and its timing. To practice, ejaculate a few times, then stop when you feel you’re about to cum. After a while of doing so, you’d understand your body better and be able to stop when you feel the excitement building, relax for a few seconds and keep going.

The breathing technique

Taking shallow, sharp breaths during sex builds anxiety and quickens the excitement, which might cause you to climax earlier than desired. Take deep breaths during the act and if you feel the excitement building to a crescendo, hold your breath to briefly shut down the ejaculatory reflex.

The squeeze method

For this technique, squeeze the head or cap of your penis when you’re on the brink of an orgasm or have your partner do it. This technique is also called the squeeze-and-stop method. The idea is to weaken the erection and buy more time in bed.

Kegel exercises

These exercises aim to strengthen the muscles in your pelvic region, especially the pubococcygeus muscle. These hammock-shaped muscles stretch from your pubic bone to your tailbone, which is essential for genital functioning. To perform Kegel exercises, simply stop your urine midway. When you do so, you can feel your P.C. muscle. You can try to flex them for a second or two before continuing with urination. Do this ten times a day to stop premature ejaculation.


While this technique can bring a slight discomfort, it effectively controls premature ejaculation. When you feel you are about to ejaculate, grasp your penis about one-half inches below the head and firmly hold it. Doing this will slow down the blood rush and stop you from ejaculating.


While this might seem puzzling, adventurous couples have benefitted from it. To use the tantric method, pull out when you feel you’re about to climax. You will feel your P.C. muscles throbbing. Then, drop your chin to your chest to keep the excitement and energy from rising further.

Limit anxiety

Anxiety is one of the leading causes of premature ejaculation. It can ruin things before either of you have any chance at satisfaction. To reduce anxiety;

  • Practise dancing, running, and strength training exercises before you have sex.
  • Take a bath with lukewarm water to calm your nerves
  • Try to make the process leading up to sex as comfortable as possible so you can reduce your anxiety

See a doctor if symptoms do not abate.

You can see one on Doctall now.

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