Here’s Everything About your Health that Doctall can help you with

Here’s Everything About your Health that Doctall can Help you with

When you think of healthcare, you may think of depressing white walls, long queues in a hospital waiting room filled with a strong smell of disinfectant, or several rescheduled visits to see the only specialist available. This is the story of many people when it comes to receiving healthcare.

However, accessing healthcare should be convenient, affordable, and full of options that keep you in control of your health.

This is why Doctall was created. Doctall is a full-circle digital healthcare platform that gives you access to quality healthcare with the help of a smartphone and internet connection- no hospital visits, no long queues, no absent specialists!

How Doctall can help you with your health;

Stress-free, affordable, and comfortable consultation with a doctor from anywhere you are

With Doctall, you can speak with a doctor about your health worries, concerns, and questions from anywhere you are. Are you at home, in the office, in school, or even in transit? You can speak to a doctor on Doctall from wherever you are and get the needed medical care. By simply navigating the Doctall app, you can schedule an appointment with a doctor of your choice at a time and cost that suits you.

Choice of doctor

Our team comprises Nigerian and international doctors and specialists with expertise across various medical fields. On the Doctall app, you can choose your preferred doctor or specialist and also specify your preferred gender. It is all in your hands.

Local language consultations

Our doctors attend to various illnesses via video consultations in English or your preferred local language- Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, or Pidgin English. You can now get comfortable and describe your symptoms in a language you are comfortable with

A cost-free repository of health information and fact sheets

One thing that Doctall aims to give is the RIGHT to accurate health information. Our team has curated hundreds of health fact sheets covering common and uncommon diseases on Doctallpedia. You get to read through the possible symptoms, causes, prevention, and treatment of these diseases. Also on Doctallpedia are hundreds of drug and procedure fact sheets that keep you informed and updated. Doctall Living, our health and lifestyle blog, is an extensive resource of health-based articles, blog posts, and videos curated by our dedicated team across wellness, lifestyle, sex, nutrition, and fitness topics.

Affordable and convenient laboratory testing

Convenient lab testing is possible with our Doctall Plus platform, where you can shop numerous packaged diagnostic tests from our comprehensive list of test panels for your health and wellness. From your general body check to fitness tests, nutrition tests, and fertility tests, Doctall has tests for those who are proactive about their health or want to be. Through our trusted and efficient partner laboratories, you can get your test samples taken from anywhere you are- home, school, or office-, and receive test results and doctor-written medical reports through your email.

Digital prescription drugs for health conditions

You do not have to self-medicate even for a common cold. With Doctall, you can book an online consultation, opt to see a doctor right away to share your symptoms, ask questions, and receive downloadable prescriptions at discounted prices.

Free, safe, and secure medical record storage

With Doctall, you do not have to keep your medical records in dusty papers and miss important details when needed. Simply upload your medical history, laboratory test results, and current medications on our secure cloud storage and share them with medical practitioners when you need to.

Doctall is intentional about breaking the barriers to the delivery of quality medical care. With the help of innovative technology and strategic partnerships, Doctall has diverse products and services that can help you get well and live better.

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