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Condom Mistakes To Avoid

Condom Mistakes To Avoid

Sometimes, things get broken or even forgotten in the heat of the moment. Events take place that causes a condom to break or tear, and you later find yourself regretting that decision for a very long time.

Most people believe they know how to properly use a condom but end up making simple mistakes. These mistakes can eventually cause an STD or might even lead to pregnancy. We have put together a list of condom mistakes to avoid.

Here are different condom mistakes to avoid;

Not changing condoms during sex.

Always use a fresh condom if you are switching from anal to vaginal sex or the other way around. Infection can result from rectum bacteria entering the vagina.

Using a condom too big or too small

Why would you use a condom that is too big or too small for you? Instead, use the proper size condom. If it is too big, it might come off, and if it is too small, it might tear. Don’t risk it. There are many sizes available for condoms, so find one that works for you or your partner.

Not checking for the expiring date

Everything has an expiration date, and using a product without checking its expiration date is wrong. Once a condom has passed its expiration date, it is not suitable for use.

Not checking for damage

Over 50% of individuals never check for damages in their condoms before usage. Condoms can easily get damaged, especially when they have been in your pocket for too long. Hence always check out for slight damages before use.

Putting it on wrong

Most people do not know how to wear a condom properly. Sometimes, they mistake the back for the front and wear it wrong. If eventually, you fall amongst such people, the safe thing to do is change the condom entirely and make use of a new one instead of trying to correct and use it again.

Taking the condom off too soon

Never take off a condom in the middle of sex. Why? This is because taking off a condom during sex can increase the risk of STIs and pregnancy.

Putting the condom on after sex has started

Wear a condom before you start having sex and not when you are already in the process. When you do not wear a condom before sex and choose to wear it in the process, you will not be protected from STIs or pregnancy, as fluids have likely already been exchanged.

Using oil-based lubricants with condoms

The use of lubricant is highly recommended, but make sure it is water-based. Other products, especially those not meant for sex, are frequently oil-based and can break condoms by eating into them.

Avoiding such condom mistakes will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. But if you still find it challenging to navigate or understand, you can always speak to a doctor today and also get the opportunity to ask questions you would like to know the answers to.

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