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Foods People With Diabetes Should Stay Away From

Foods People With Diabetes Should Stay Away From

Eating food that is unhealthy can have several adverse effects on your body. Commonly, at the centre of these effects are high blood sugar levels and weight gain, leading to obesity and possibly diabetes. This can cause severe health issues requiring you to do the needful in time if you already suffer from them.

Dieticians have constantly warned that diabetic patients are two to four times more likely to die of heart-related diseases than persons without diabetes. A life-threatening stroke is also common in diabetes patients. You might also want to check the food you should avoid if you want to save your heart.

Not everyone with diabetes can jump on the track to beat the risk by running or doing general exercises. But diabetic patients can surely do the necessary by watching what they eat. To stay on track without the TRACK, avoid some foods capable of spiking your blood sugar and possibly leading to chronic inflammation.

Considering this, we have lined up some foods that are “no-go areas” for you if you are a diabetes patient.

Food To Avoid As A Diabetic Patient

Fried foods
Fried foods can be more enjoyable than their alternatives, but if you have diabetes, please, it is time to go for the alternatives.

When food is fried, the fat substance is absorbed into the food, which leads to high cholesterol and weight gain. This increases your risk of worsening your sugar level or developing type 2 diabetes if you haven’t.

Some of these at your favourite eatery include everything from fried plantains (dodo) and its other siblings to crusted tilapia, fried chicken, and your loved french fries.
Broiled and baked foods are a better and healthier alternative you might need to start patronising now if you have diabetes.

Ice cream
We understand you love having some ice cream outdoors or during the general hot season. However, it is better to be in good health than to put it at risk of momentary satisfaction.
Aside from all the sugar, ice cream is usually loaded with artery-clogging saturated fat. This you would want to avoid storing in your body, especially if you have diabetes.

Sweetened drinks
Like sugar, these are sugar-pack products you want to avoid as a diabetic patient.
Typical examples are your choice of soda and fizzy drinks, ice teas, and fruit punches.
They are abundant in sugar and calories and should be even more undesirable as they possess little or no nutritional value. Sugary drinks are the worst drink choice for someone with diabetes.

We recommend plain clean water. You can infuse your water with different fruits to enjoy the natural sweetness.


Non-dairy milk

Milk is generally a good health sustainer. But if you are diabetic, you must take caution about the type of milk you go for —non-dairy varieties are not advisable for your consumption.
Even dairy milk, which we will advise you to consume instead, counts as a carbohydrate. It is only advisable to take it because its carb content is minimal. But this is not the case for non-dairy milk. Oat milk and rice milk are two non-diaries to watch out for, as they contain unhealthy sugar reserves. Research by Harvard Medical School has confirmed this.

White bread, rice, and pasta

You might be sad to see that your favourite foods are on the list, but if you want to reduce your obesity for a lifetime of healthy living, everything is worth doing.

 White bread, rice, and pasta are processed foods high in carbs; eating them has proven over time to significantly spike blood sugar levels in people with both type 1 and 2 variants of diabetes.

Managing your diabetes requires a careful balance of lifestyle habits, including exercising, taking your proper medication, and especially eating right if you can’t do all of that. Your primary goals should include avoiding unhealthy liquid sugars, fats, processed grains, and other foods containing refined carbs.

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