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Why Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Drink Fizzy Drinks

Why Pregnant Women Shouldn't Drink Fizzy Drinks

Pregnant women and cravings are like gloves in hand, almost inseparable. Sometimes pouring a cold bottle of fizzy drink down your throat is just what you want to satisfy that craving. However, you might want to strongly consider staying away because the presence of carbon dioxide makes them dangerous to your health and your baby.

This explains why they make that bubbling long ‘s’ sound when poured also. Apart from this, the presence of caffeine, flavouring agents, sugar, and artificial sweetener is why soda or fizzy drinks are not drinks to be taken by pregnant women.

The following are why pregnant women should avoid fizzy drinks

Carbonated water in fizzy drinks weakens bone support to your belly

The bubbles in fizzy drinks that make that long ‘s’ are made from high-pressure water and carbon dioxide. This combination is harmful to the health of your bones. The resultant effects include back pain, leading to the inability of the bones to support your developing belly.

Caffeine present in fizzy drinks affects baby growth

Fizzy drinks are infamously known to contain a high dose of caffeine substances capable of raising your blood pressure. It is also known to cause insomnia, which can cause dehydration and constipation in soon-to-be mothers.

Pregnancy and having white nights (insomnia) harm the development of your baby’s motoric and nervous systems.

Infact, miscarriages have been linked to more than 300 mg of caffeine daily. Even more, consuming more than 500 mg of caffeine daily causes steady high breathing in babies at delivery.

Flavouring agents like phosphoric can also weaken your bones during pregnancy

Similarly, even if a fizzy drink lacks the presence of caffeine, there is a tendency that it will contain some flavour. One of these flavours present in fizzy drinks is phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid is infamous for affecting the calcium in your bones and weakening them.

Sugar in fizzy drinks poses serious health risks to babies

The consumption of sugar commonly found in fizzy drinks can lead to obesity. And this poses serious health hazards such as congenital disabilities or miscarriage.

Artificial sweetener in fizzy drinks causes disabilities in babies

Artificial sweeteners sweeten most fizzy drinks. This is not good for anyone’s consumption, especially expectant mothers. For example, aspartame —a non-saccharide artificial sweetener found in fizzy drinks, can induce disabilities in babies if excessively consumed.

Like sugar, excessive intake of artificial sweeteners may lead to obese babies and may also lead to miscarriage.

It is not bad for pregnant women to indulge in fizzy drinks once in a while; drinking them is certainly not the worst thing; however, it is not the best. A little intake does not harm, but restraint should be exercised.

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