5 Exercises To Boost Your Immune System

5 Exercises To Boost Your Immune System

No doubt, the emergence of the covid-19 virus and the ensuing pandemic has had a massive impact on the world. While these impacts have been highly inconveniencing and negatively impacting, there are some worthy positivities its emergence has indirectly invoked.

Besides all the health measures we’ve become used to in our daily lives, one of the best things we can do to stay healthy right now is to be proactive about keeping our immune systems functioning properly.

While most people probably know about this, they do not know the exercises that best help boost their immune system. Since we do, we have lined up the following:

5 Key Exercises To Consider for the immune system:

Cold water swimming 

Dr Mark Harper, an anaesthetist at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals, has been analysing the potential stress benefits of cold water swimming. He found that besides releasing endorphins and improving your body’s circulation, swimming in cold water also helps kickstart your body’s immune system, thanks to the surge of adrenalin you get when your body experiences that first cold shock. Most of us know that adrenalin helps prepare our animal instincts to ‘fight or flight,’ but the hormone also boosts our immune system, preparing for possible wounding or infection.

Lifting weights

Recent research at the German Cancer Research Centre has found that skeletal muscle could help replenish T-cells, one of the significant components of your body’s immune system. Conversely, it’s been found that T-cells that become fatigued can result in a loss of muscle mass. So, pick up those weights and get lifting! You don’t have to be the world heavyweight champion – even training regularly with some light dumbbells can help to increase the amount of muscle mass your body carries.


Squats, when done regularly, tone the legs, strengthen your core, and provide the glutes with a powerful workout. In addition, it can ensure your body stays physically strong by enhancing blood circulation.

Sitting Meditation

Learning to calm your mind and release stress. Stress is the cause of all major diseases- heart problems, stroke etc.


Who says exercise needs to be hard to produce results? Walking every day for 20 to 30 minutes, as simple as it is, can help your immune system kick into overdrive. For instance, a 30-minute session of brisk walking significantly increases both natural killer cells and various types of white blood cells, all of which are considered essential parts of the immune system’s defence structure.

Side-to-side jumps

Isn’t it one of the most straightforward exercises? Add any variation of side-to-side jumps or movement to your fitness regime. Doing so can promote stability, coordination, and strength in your body. It also will have a significant effect on the lymph (which contains antibodies) of your body. This simple exercise helps to maintain an alert immune system.

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