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Do Slimming Teas Really Work?

Do Slimming Teas Really Work?

It has become increasingly common for people to be concerned about how they look. It is only normal for people to be concerned about how they look, especially in the weight aspect of their body. Body weight goes beyond the physical look. Many people feel unhealthy when they start to add weight.

For this reason, people try different measures to help them lose weight or maintain their current weight. From paying for gym memberships to creating diet plans, slimming teas, the options are numerous.

One weight-loss measure that is increasingly popular is drinking slimming tea. But the question is: is slimming tea effective? Does slimming tea really work?

Here, you will discover the purpose of slimming tea, and if it works to make people slim.

How do slimming teas work?

Typically, manufacturers claim that slimming teas work to cleanse the body and help to lose weight. Their point is that these teas boost metabolism, detoxify the body, and stimulate digestion.

Common slimming tea types include metabolism boosters, the ones that suppress appetite, and fat blockers.

Are slimming teas effective?

Although slimming tea is increasingly popular, there is hardly any evidence to show that it is effective enough to aid long-term weight loss.

On the other hand, there is evidence that, for some people, taking catechin-rich green slimming tea can help burn fat. But these experts are cautious with their findings because the case studies include a small group of people and the effects are not profound or long-lasting.

Besides, some ingredients in these teas may be harmful. Also, the idea that slimming tea can help lose weight because it detoxifies the body is farfetched. How so? The human body naturally gets rid of toxins itself.

Health concerns associated with slimming teas

It is not enough to say whether or not slimming teas works. It is also important to reveal several health issues associated with using slimming teas for weight loss. This is because some of the ingredients used pose side effects.

Laxatives – Most slimming teas contain senna. Senna is a natural laxative that could cause nausea, cramps, reduced potassium levels, constipation, and diarrhoea.

Diuretics – Diuretics in slimming teas can also cause diarrhoea, dehydration, muscle cramps, and loss of electrolytes.

The way forward: safe alternatives for weight loss

More often than not, these teas at best can only lead to mild weight loss for a short period. Besides, slimming teas can be harmful to the body. If you enjoy drinking tea, it is best to do so without going for the ones with the “slimming” label.

Your best bet at effective, healthy, and long-lasting weight loss is by reducing your calorie consumption, creating a healthy diet, and exercising regularly.

For exercise, do more cardio workouts. These include running, cycling, jogging, jumping jacks, and burpees. For your diet, ensure a well-balanced diet that includes vegetables and fruits.

Cut down on heavily processed foods, and drink a lot of water. Remember to seek expert help on slimming teas, weight loss, dieting, and more by speaking with a doctor on Doctall.

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