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Home Treatment For Diarrhoea In Children

Home Treatment For Diarrhoea In Children

Like any other health condition, diarrhoea in children is worrisome for parents. It is also discomforting and sometimes painful for children. It stops them from being their usual playful selves and gives parents additional daily tasks. 

Although the doctor would prescribe some medications for your child’s diarrhoea, it is important that you also try out homemade treatment measures to help improve their health. That is why Doctall has created a list of these home treatment measures and how they can help your child get well and feel better. 

Before that, it is only essential to highlight common causes of diarrhoea in children. The leading cause is viral, bacterial or parasitic infections. This means that if your child contacts infected food or drinks, he or she might have diarrhoea. 

Besides infection, certain antibiotic medications and food allergies can cause diarrhoea in kids. An unknowing lactose intolerant kid may have diarrhoea when he or she consumes milk. Other autoimmune and inflammatory conditions can also trigger diarrhoea.

How to treat diarrhoea in kids

To accompany medications administered by your doctors, there are home treatment measures you can try out. While there are no specifics to what you can do, these supportive care options can help relieve symptoms and make your child feel a lot better. 

Keeping your child hydrated

When your child has diarrhoea, the body loses a significant amount of electrolytes and salt. This means you have to help them retain lost nutrients by giving the child enough fluids to keep them hydrated. Common hydrating solutions include water, a pediatric electrolyte solution recommended by the doctor, or specialized hydrating solutions for children, such as Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS).

Let your child have nutritious foods

To help ease symptoms and possibly stop diarrhoea, be sure to give your child a balanced and healthy variety of foods and fruits. For kids that are still being breastfed, ensure that you continue breastfeeding while treating diarrhoea. Breast milk is packed with helpful nutrients. Also, opt for foods rich in fibre.  Fibre can help control bowel movement and works fine for stooling and constipation. Great fibre food options include bananas, oats, apples, and sweet potatoes. You can also speak with a doctor on Doctall for more information on food for diarrhoea in kids. 

Identify triggers and causes

If your child comes down with diarrhoea regularly, identify causes and triggers. This helps with getting the proper treatment and preventing the condition from occurring regularly. Sometimes, the cause could be high-sugar or spicy foods. For other children, it could be a dairy intolerance. If you notice that a specific food is causing problems for your child, note it down and speak with a doctor on Doctall.

There you have it! Simple tips to help to treat diarrhoea in kids! Be sure to monitor symptoms and these run treatment options with a doctor on Doctall.

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